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Hear from our client Casey who is an attorney and checked us out before joining…

“I really was not expecting it to work. So I am super excited that it did.”

“I definitely did background checks before I did it. And I think that’s really important. I’m a former deputy district attorney. I’m a public defender right now. So, you know, I am somewhat savvy in terms of making sure everything is okay. Every background check that I did, everything was fine.”

“I do have a sister in law who’s a naturopathic doctor and she just was like, oh, my gosh, it looks great. Can I refer my clients to to this? So, especially after seeing my results, because nothing had worked up till now, it’s kind of 1 of those things where I think it’s just really important to just take the plunge and care about yourself.”

“I think probably the biggest benefit has been the effect on my family in the sense that they see me doing these right choices in the same way that you model, you don’t lie, you don’t cheat, you know, all of those, those things, the golden rule, things like that, that we do for our kids kind of without thinking. I was modeling really, really destructive eating behaviors.”

Hear what Erica has to say…

After working with Sarah for 4 months she shared her results in this video…

Erica came to us with extreme fatigue, weight gain, and constantly feeling ill. She experienced major headaches and that was an ongoing issue for the last 4-5 years. She had gained a tremendous amount of weight despite monitoring her intake; portion control; drinking 80oz. of water daily, and sleeping well. She had subclinical Hypothyroidism and was on Levothyroxine. She experienced lots of hair loss, eyebrow loss, eyelash loss, weight gain, puffy face occasionally, and extreme tiredness.

Suzanne R.

Suzanne came to Sarah feeling fatigue, achy, brain fog after completing the program Suzanne says her “energy levels are through the roof”. She no longer wakes up achy and says it “was the most fantastic thing she could have ever done.” My experience working with Sarah was great. She was always quick to respond to questions and prompt my participation and communication. Suzanne now has energy to keep up with her toddler grandchildren.

Lori V.

Lori came to Sarah with low energy, extremely tired physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

She says “I have tried going physically to different doctors to get some help. And I always seemed to hit a wall like it never get to the deeper issues or root issues that were causing my health problems. Sarah’s program has been super helpful, it getting to those root issues way more than any other I’ve ever seen. After the program I’m seeing more energy and definitely some weight loss. I have been able to process my emotions a little bit differently and my mindset.”

Laurel P. – EMT

Prior to joining the program I had no energy. I’d been to doctors. I had blood work. I was thinking something seriously wrong. I remember telling my doctor I feel like I have cancer. It’s not the way I wanted to live.

My experience working with Sarah in the All Day Energy Solution program was fabulous. The program just gave me what I was hoping it would. It gave me my life back basically. It gave me my energy back. It was worth the money. It was just everything that I was hoping it would be and more to be honest.

Lorraine B. – Hairdresser

Lorraine was sick and tired of being sick and tired. The most powerful thing about this program was the way the information came across. Being able to watch it, print it and have support was what I needed. I don’t feel sick and tired anymore, I’ve lost 30 pounds in 4 months and there is no shortage of food on this plan. I never felt like I couldn’t socialize or go to an event.

Ask yourself “are you worth it?”. The answer should be yes. You’ll find out why you haven’t been successful. It’s worth the time, energy and effort. You’re worth it! You get one life!

Tiffany H. – Perfusionist

I was very tired when I came to Elevate Health. I have tried other programs, but none of them really clicked. With Sarah she explains everything and why we are doing it and it worked really well and now I feel great. Sarah was very helpful. She responded to me anytime I had a question. Sarah’s program was different from other programs I’ve done. It wasn’t just about exercise and diet. I have dropped my blood pressure medicine, lost 10 pounds, have a lot more energy and my mood is so much better now. I am happier and able to keep up with my kids better. To anyone who is nervous about joining I would say you can do this! There is a lot of support here. It really all flows together and clicks!

Hear from Jodi R.

Jodi is a CPA who came to us struggling to get out of bed in the morning, was the heaviest she had ever been, had no energy and a multitude of other symptoms.

After working with Sarah the brain fog is gone, she lost 35 lbs, gets out of bed with ease, no longer crashes in the afternoon and has endless energy.

Hear from Casie…

Casie came to us suffering from fatigue, bloating, constipation, headaches, hair thinning, and several other symptoms she had for many years. More recently, she was unable to stop gaining weight despite the same diet and exercise routine.

When asked what results she has seen she responded: “I lost 10 pounds on Sarah’s program. I was able to fully wean myself off of bio-identical hormones which had stopped working the way they first did for me.”

Sarah is the most knowledgeable practitioner I’ve ever worked with. She’s also caring and committed to helping her patients get better for the longterm. Her program has completely changed my life and I will never go back to living the way I did before starting it last summer!

Dioseline G. says…

Before starting the program I had no energy, I knew something was wrong. I saw Sarah on social media and thought I think that’s what I need. Going through the program helped me clear up all those symptoms. I have energy now! My experience in the program was great. All the knowledge she shares is amazing!

Hear from Heather…

When Heather first came to us she had transitioned from having primary care doctors, to functional health doctors and still continued on a roller coaster ride with inconsistent improvement with thyroid healing or migraine relief. She felt exhausted and broken on a daily basis and dragged herself through the day.

She says “I went into this program with Sarah having an MS, Hashimotos Hypothyroid and migraine diagnosis hovering over me and never felt “normal” BUT I felt their depleting pain from the moment that I opened my eyes every morning. Within the first 4 weeks with Sarah, I was feeling lighter and more free from symptoms.

Now that the program is over, I no longer feel like I struggle with depression, hormone imbalance, migraines, Hashimoto Hypothyroid symptoms-fatigue, or brain fog. A pleasant surprise, was that I lost 15 pounds in 12 weeks and was not even trying to do so. I have a new refreshed energy every morning when I open my eyes. I feel the best that I have felt in decades and am ready to continue my health journey and learn more with Sarah. What a joy it will be, to feel good and learn at the same time. It is such a pleasure to actually feel HUMAN again.

The self care that is taught during this program is like no other. I am truly enjoying the time that I put into myself, my health and my life. It has made me a better mom, a better wife and a much better friend and advocate for myself.

Look no further, Sarah has done all of the research. I highly recommend that you spend your time with her and dive into all that her program has to offer.”

Hear from Danette

Danette had recently been diagnosed with ovarian cancer when she began working with Sarah.

Five months later she says that she feels great…better than she has felt in years…full of energy, clarity, and positivity.

“I would highly recommend Elevate Health Naturally…the process and the results are life-changing!”

Client Check In Session Just 4 Weeks Into the Program…

Hear from a client at one of her check-in sessions. She had been to multiple other practitioners and had almost given up hope that she would find answers. Functional medicine doctors hadn’t helped her. She always did what they asked of her, but she failed to see results. Her husband was supportive and present on her consult call. She really debated on if they could invest in this program knowing she had failed at so many other attempts to get her health back. She decided to take a leap of faith and try the program. After just 4 weeks of working with Sarah here is what she had to say…

Happy Clients

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Before working with Sarah I felt lethargic, had zero energy, had lots of brain fog, not able to concentrate. I could get up to get my kids to school, but I wanted to sleep all day. After working with Sarah I feel amazing! I can stay up until 11 pm and still get up at 6:45 am without needing a nap! I have so much more energy! I was stuck at about 220 lbs post baby and it wouldn’t leave. On Sarah’s program I’m down to 200 lbs and finding it easier to lose weight. Sarah’s drainage funnel makes a lot of sense and you do go in the order you need to go. We’ve had personal experiences with parasites in the past but NO ONE has ever been able to help. I was shocked when I started dispelling them in the toilet. My body definitely functioned better and energy came back at least 3x more than before. I feel like I have a purpose again and no more lethargy! Sarah also provides meal plans which you don’t have to follow to a T, you can pick and choose. It is possible to eat clean and still eat yummy food. Anytime you have a question, you just ask and she always answers! You aren’t signing up for a program that you do 100% on your own. There are weekly zoom calls to ask questions and get support, but then with the messages to Sarah you don’t pay extra, you have her. All of my symptoms prior to joining the program are GONE!
Jennifer Smith
“I’m just starting month 2 on my healing journey with Sarah. I’m seeing so many improvements already. I tried to heal some of these symptoms for years with many practitioners with natural and regular meds, I made improvements, but not as much as I have so quickly with Sarah. It all dramatically improved in less than 2 months of doing all Sarah’s protocols! I still have more healing to work on due to past mold, cancer, & lyme issues, but I’m improving each month. Who knew years of severe hemiplegic migraines and debilitating monthly hormone issues could improve so much in under 2 months! I had lowered the severity with other doctors, but this last hormone cycle I never reached for my migraine prescription that I normally reached for. My husband agreed my normal hormonal mood swings were non-existent! In the past I had severe extremely painful cramps, but this month cramps were a 1 on a scale of 1 to 10. I usually had severe fatigue around my monthly cycle in the past that would normally end the day completely. This month I had slight fatigue, but was still able to go on a 3 1/2 mile walk with my husband the day my cycle started! For years the above affected my marriage, being a mom, friendships, & work. I used to plan to crash every 3 weeks because the symptoms would last 5 days. I’m beyond grateful to Sarah and all her research & hard work. Her caring, kind heart, & support are priceless. Trust the system, it works.”
“I found Sarah to be caring and very supportive no matter what issues I was having. She would always reply to messages in a timely manner if I had questions about anything. Before working with Sarah, I felt hopeless, tired, anxious, stressed, unwell. After working with Sarah, I feel hopeful, much less tired, better able to manage stress, happy, on a path to complete recovery. I lost 10 pounds on Sarah’s program. I was able to fully wean myself off of bio-identical hormones which had stopped working the way the first did for me. Sarah is the most knowledgeable practitioner I’ve ever worked with. She’s also caring and committed to helping her patients get better for the longterm. Her program has completely changed my life and I will never go back to living the way I did before starting it last summer!”
Prior to working with Sarah I considered myself to have followed a pretty healthy lifestyle and had accepted the overall fatigue, being irregular and lack of energy as the “norm” of being a middle-aged woman. Because I had just been diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and looking for a holistic approach I decided to consult with Sarah…one of the best decisions I have ever made!
The concepts and lessons Sarah has taught me are priceless and have helped me to understand just how much of an impact a true healthy lifestyle can have. Five months later I can now say that I feel great…better than I have felt in years…full of energy, clarity, and positivity. The middle-aged symptoms we hear so much about no longer apply to me. I would highly recommend Elevate Health Naturally…the process and the results are life-changing!
Danette C.
Before I started my protocol with Sarah, I had just accepted that getting older was the reason I was gaining weight (even though I exercised fanatically), developed insomnia, had extreme fatigue all day (couldn’t get through the day without a nap) and was constantly constipated. I was miserable and was willing to try just about anything. Sarah opened my eyes to the process and that it would take time going through each phase. Patience is not my strong point. But I trusted her and the process and can’t believe the continued results. I sleep like a baby now, I have more energy than I’ve had in many years, I’ve lost about 15 pounds and for the first time in my life, I’m regular!! I’m 45 and feel better than I did when I was 25!!
Heather B.
I was suffering from arthritis in my hands for many years and I had just started having hot flashes when I came to Sarah. After a few weeks I was pain-free and my hot flashes stopped.
Cindy M.
“Do this! Consult with Elevate Health Naturally!! Your body and your family will thank you! Sarah is committed to her clients and your well being. She is serious about facts. She makes it very difficult not to hear the TRUTH in all she has to say. Her presentations are so full of information – you’ll feel like you’ve won the lottery if you care anything about resolving health, mental, physical, emotional issues you’ve been experiencing. I recommend Elevate Health Naturally 10/10!”
Jessica P.
I came to work with Sarah because I was so tired of being tired ALL the time. I had no energy, was always tired, and constantly in a state of brain fog. I lost 8lbs (my targeted goal was 5-10lbs) without changing anything but following the program. I don’t feel bloated anymore, kicked the brain fog, and constant need/want to nap. I have tons of energy, feel great, and am so much happier. Working with Sarah is fun and so easy. She always answers any questions you have quickly and thoughtful. She makes you feel like a priority. This program had greatly impacted my quality of life for myself and my family in the best way.
Tomorrow is day 14 of being in Elevate Health Naturally’s amazing program! I’m excited to share some major changes that have happened in almost 2 weeks of time:
1.) Falling asleep without aid (melatonin/sleeping pill)
2.) Waking up not feeling groggy, but refreshed!
3.) Clear-minded & focused!
4.) Mood elevated!
5.) Libido increased (hey, hey!)
6.) Down 7.5 lbs
7.) Energy to actually finish my day!

I can’t stress enough to trust Elevate Health Naturally, enroll in the program, start changing your life!
Stephani S.
The Program has helped my overall health tremendously. Before the program, I was always tired and felt like I was walking around in a haze. I was tired ALL the time, not to mention irritable. All of my brain fog is completely gone. I’m not needing or wanting to nap all the time. I have so much energy and feel great physically and mentally. I believe in this program so much that my entire family has jumped on board and we will continue to follow the plans set in place. I absolutely recommend Sarah and am so thankful for everything she had taught me.
I am absolutely loving this program. Just shy of 3 weeks in and I am feeling the most alive that I have felt in a very long time!
Heather J.
I came to Sarah suffering with psoriatic arthritis and the skin rashes and itching that came with it. I was on weekly injections to control it and I also suffered from poor sleep, high stress levels and low energy. The pain was preventing me from living life and being the best mom I could be to my two kids. Within 8 weeks I was able to completely discontinue the weekly shots for the arthritis and I no longer have any pain. My skin also cleared up in a short amount of time. I now sleep soundly all night and I have strategies to help me deal with the stress in a much healthier way. Sarah has changed every aspect of my life for the better. I am so blown away by the changes. I was very skeptical when I came to her, but I didn’t have any other options left so I gave it a try. Boy am I glad I did! I am now living my best life instead of just getting by each day. I highly recommend Sarah. She is so knowledgeable and caring.
Patricia P.
Working with Sarah at Elevate Health Naturally has been amazing. Instead of simply prescribing a pill for my symptoms we’ve worked through the causes and sources behind my issues. She’s taken an unprecedented focus and care into my concerns and provided tangible solutions that make sense holistically. For the first time I’m being helped by someone who wants to get to the root of the issue rather than just provide a medication to mask the symptoms. I’d highly recommend giving Elevate Health Naturally a try if you’d like address health issues more naturally and treat the entire body collectively.
Laura M.
We owe Sarah a big THANK YOU! Not only did she help diagnose and treat our daughter for Lymes’s disease but she also helped our family detox and cleanse our bodies. Our daughter is doing much better now and we have a better understanding of the importance of clean eating and natural health.
Stella F.
Sarah is such a joy to work with. She is very attentive and wants to get to the root of the problem. I love her faith in God and believing in the body’s ability to heal with the right tools.
Julie R.
I was just so tired! I would wake up and think about going back to bed. By noon I was ready for a nap. Something had to change! Having a monthly plan with Sarah and all of the online resources was so great! The meal ideas were so helpful and so good! The supplements worked wonders. And Sarah replied extremely quickly with any questions. Before working with Sarah, I felt tired and hopeless. After working with Sarah, I have that drive and excitement back again! I wake up refreshed and thinking about what I want to accomplish! I have lost 7 pounds and have more energy! I have a much different mindset around my day and my eating too. I have to say, I was hesitant at first. It was a big commitment and I started off slow seeing results but I am so glad I stuck with it! I feel so much better and I know that I have only started this new journey and have so much more to gain!
Nicole V.

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