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Discover Sarah’s personal favorites for a healthy home. Make swaps to turn your home into a non-toxic, clean-living sanctuary that supports your health instead of adding to your toxin load.

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Removing as many toxins as possible from our homes and the foods we eat is of utmost importance. This toxic load adds up fast and puts stress on our body that leads to disease. By removing toxins from our homes and swapping with cleaner alternatives we instantly upgrade our body’s ability to heal. 

Our Top Picks

Harmoni Pendant

Protect yourself from the harmful effects of EMF’s. More and more we are bombarded by EMF’s and this beautiful pendant is one of the only devices backed by clinical studies to prove it works.

Queen of Thrones

Your new modernized 2-step, heatless, less-mess Castor Oil Liver Pack Kit makes this transformational self-care ritual easier than ever before so you can wake up like new every day.

Organic Groceries

Get organic groceries including fruit, veggies, grass-fed beef, organic chicken and pantry staples delivered to your door at an affordable price! Use THIS LINK to get $10 in free groceries on your first order!

My Pure Water

Distilled water is the purest form of water you can drink and as such, it is the only water we recommend drinking. Distilling it at home saves time, money and saves you from drinking out of plastic.

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Microbalance Health

Safely eliminate mold in your home! After cleaning up the source of mold in your home, use these candles, mold spray and laundry additive to eliminate mold spores in the air and on surfaces.

Reishi Coffee

Kick your coffee to the curb and make the switch to a coffee that actually does something for your health while enjoying your coffee habit! King coffee is organic and packed with reishi spores for maximum health benefits.

Clean Cookware

The cleanest cookware available. Xtrema cookware is hands down the safest cookware available. Made of ceramic and free of all harmful chemicals, this cookware is as good as it gets when swapping out toxic alternatives like teflon-coated cookware.

Caraway Cookware

Caraway has clean, non-toxic cookware and bakeware that is non-stick without the ick. I LOVE their entire collection. It’s easy to cook with and comes with handy cupboard organizers too!!

Our Place Cookware

Our Place makes our favorite Always Pan and Perfect Pot! This cookware is lightweight, non-stick and free of toxins. It’s our personal favorite! They also have a great line of bakeware including a sheet pan that is safe for gas stoves!

Clean Meat

Get grass-fed beef, organic chicken and more delivered straight to your door. Butcher Box sources clean proteins to fuel your body without GMO’s. Orders ship free.

EOS Classic Mattress

You spend a good amount of time sleeping each day. You should be sleeping on an organic mattress free of flame retardants, toxic chemicals and polyurethane foam. The EOS Classic combines organic materials with the ability to customize your mattress to your firmness. We love ours!

Clean Makeup & Body Care

Cosmetics and personal care products are a huge source of toxins for most Americans. Clean up your beauty and personal care routine with clean, safe options from Lemongrass Spa. Free of chemicals, fragrances and gluten-free! This is where I buy all my makeup and fun, smelly lotions, body washes and more! Safe and Clean!

Essential Oils

Young Living offers a large variety of essential oils for everything from home cleaning to immune boosting! We love using essential oils for all sorts of things particularly the Thieves line of oil and cleaning products!

Best Home Air Purifier

Intellipure’s patented DFS technology removes up to 99% of airborne mold, bacteria, & viruses from the air you breathe. Eliminate VOC’s, decrease airborne allergens and reduce asthma triggers.

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Organic Groceries

Whether you live in the middle of nowhere and have limited options for organic groceries, or you just like convenience and saving money, Thrive Market is for you. I love shopping all my favorite organic must-haves from here. P.S- try the Jovial gluten-free pasta! They also frequently offer free gifts with purchase and right now for a limited time are offering $60 in FREE GROCERIES to members when you use THIS LINK

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